#32. Venice - Rome

Our train shceduled to leave at 9.20, so we put on our alarm at 6 a.m and we're at Santa Lucia station by 8-ish. We thought we had the luxury of time, so we're just sat at the front and sunbath until 10 minutes before our train left.

We double-check the time in out ticket, the one in the station said 09.27 but the one in ours said 09.20 and we're supposed to be in carriage 9 whilst the train only had 7 carriages. So we asked the kondektur. He took one glance at our ticket and lightly said "oh, it's from Mestre. You missed it".

So, let me explain. There're two major stations in Venice, Mestre which located outside the the Venice island and the other one is Santa Lucia that located inside the island. we arrived at Santa Lucia the first time we're here so we thought the train that'd take us to Rome would also take off from the same station. but we were wrong. So, as the kondektur said, we missed the train. we had to buy new tickets. Cost twice that we already had. And we'd be in Rome at 20.00-ish. Which was 5 hours late from our original schedule.

The good part was WE GOT TO SEE VENICE FOR 3 MORE HOURS. WITH ITS SUN. yeah, it's sunny today. I went souvenir shopping again for my friend, i promised her, if i could get out on venice in sunny day i'd buy her present. And since Venice is her ultimate destination if she's doing a Eurotrip, i really think i should buy her something from here, as a charm.

At 13:07 we took off from Venice to Rome. It was a nice and quite train ride for two stations until a family of cahyadi entered (without even trying to be a rasist). 2 BOYS: ONE FAT AND NOISY, ONE SLIM AND UGLY. one baby and one ignorant lady that we're still confiused wheter she's the mother or the servant. We had our worst bus ride ever from Edinburgh, now we got the worst train ride ever. They smell weird. They spoke all the time. In their language mixed with Italian. Loudly. The fat boy couldn't stop moving (i'm talking about jumping, getting in and out of the compartment, sit down, get up, jump, and so on). The little boy just looked annoying. The baby wont stop crying. The lady wont stop yelling. So yeah, the bus ride we were 'cape badan' and this train ride we were 'cape mental' which was worse.

But in the end we arrived at Rome. Checked-in and passed out. We got two American roomates. They're couples who decided to sleep on the same bed. I'm impressed really. The bed was a single bed, and they have american size body, and they managed to sleep on the same single bed. If that happened to me, i think the boy would end up on the floor in the morning.

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