#42. Amsterdam

another day of wine-hunting. i'm still curious with that particular wine and i googled it, Mr. Google said that there's a wine shop in Amsterdam that sells it. here i go.

I took a tram to go further from the Centraal Station and right in front of my stop there's a Starbucks, i'm collecting their City Mugs and i haven't got the Amsterdam yet, so i went in and bought it. surprisingly, they have the same mug in Starbucks airport, the only difference was the one in the airport cost 4 euro more than the one in the city.

I continued my journey to the wine shop. i found the store and got in. asked the guy that spoke English about the wine, then he aked the old guy about it. the old guy looked at me and made sure about 'wine X-Chateau de-something?' and i nodded.

he widened his eyes and gave me two thumbs with a smile that said "that's a good wine, young lady." then he said something to the younger guy, which he kindly translated to me.

the HAD the wine. but then their importer lincence has expired, so maybe i have to look in the internet which dealer that has it now.

later tonight i seached that wine in the internet, and it's official that the wine doesn't exist in Netherlands.

one day i'll get it. one day!!

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