#16. Amsterdam

in the morning (well, if 11ish is morning) ron took us to TU Delft. and he parked his car near the Industrial Design faculty. maaaaaan!!!! it's very cool!! i think it just made me want to go there even more. argh! hope that luck will be on my side again this time.

anyway.. right after that we went to this German store and bought beers (for the guys) then went to Ron's place to pick up Fabian. the four of us went by the bus and train this time and what amazed me was, these two guys were so eager to drink beers they carried those 23 cans inside a bag. (but that's really cool)

we went to Amsterdam for the queen's day. the Dutch say it like Konninginedag--sorry if the spelling's wrong--and it's actually a celebration of theire previous queen's birthday (if i'm not mistaken) and it is a tradition to wear orange ANY orange stuff to the 'party'. Mia's the only one in our group that owned an orange thing. the first thing we saw when we got off the train was some drunk people all over the station (by the way, that was just 3ish in the afternoon) but once we got out of the station, i saw a spectacular view. the whole street was almost orage from the shirt or ornament that people wore. the street covered in bottles and beer cans. everyone's saying something it was hard to listened to anything. but it was really fun.

that was one of the best day i have in Holland actually. thank god we went with two guys so they could stand before and after us to open a little path for these two little girls (compare the Dutch). we're heading to Museumplein but once we're there i had no idea how to break through the crowds. Fabian led the way and sudenlly we're right in the middle of the Plein and right in front of the stage.

the rest happened like every other carnaval. loud, blurry, fun. but i was very happy that i kept saying to Mia "i'm so greatful we're here, in Amsterdam for the queen's day". thank you Ron and Fabian, for being our 'guide and bodyguards'!!!

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