#9. Edinburgh

We got up at around 8 o'clock, had breakfast and a quick wifi before we checked out and stored our bags in the luggage room. Today wasn't as cold as yesterday but it's raining. We got all we wanted: fog, rain and that experience you can barely get in Indonesia--smoky breath because it's too cold. And at the moment we're dripping like wet dogs trying to get warm in Mc.D.

Today we visited every single free museum we could find. Tried to ignore all the cute stuffs around but in the end an Indian seller succeeded to sell me a scotland skirt (which I was planning to buy but refused because it was too expensive) he sold me the kids size--yeah lucky to be asian, we're petite--so I got the much cheaper price. I also bought a scarf (tourist trap) but I loved the color and it's wort as something to remember from scotland.

It's very cold! 7 degrees and bellow according to the news. But we're leaving tonight at 10 o'clock.

P.s: we had our worst bus ride ever! The space for our feet are very small, the back rest cannot be turned back, we stop every 2 hours, the toilet was a real traumatic experience for me, oh, and I saw someone almost gave a BJ to her boy friend on my to the toilet. Yeah. Real traumatic bus ride. See you in London.

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