#10. London

We're exhausted from the bus trip, we could barely feel our backs. Anyway we went straight to Old Street underground to meet Jani, Vie's boyfriend's sister. We're staying at her place for the night. But she had to leave to Germany this afternoon and she left us her whole apartment. After a few chats we decided to take a quick nap then 4 hours later we headed to the city. Our objetcs today: st. Paul's cathedral, millenium bridge, london bridge (we saw it oppedned and closed again), and next we're planning to go to the london eye so that mia could fly it, but once we got there it was too crowded. So we decided to just go home.

We went grocery shopping and cooked ourselves some pasta with penne, spinach, ground beef, and corriander. (ala kadarnya pasta, really) but we're having agreat time. Full stomach made us sleepy, so goodnight! I'm going to bed early tonight.

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