#14. Amsterdam

really enjoyed our time here. in the morning we just sat and relax with coffee and bread. then we headed out at around two. mia went in to the sex museum and i just waited outside because i wasn't interested (i'd prefer to use the money to shop), then we entered Kalverstraat before mia had to met her friend at Dome Monument (?). we saw a pasar kaget in the middle of centrum. it wasn't there the last time i was here (a week ago).

after mia finished we were planning to go to Museumplein to find this famous ï amsterdam" letters, but we're stuck in the huge and good book store. and once we finished it's almost time for our dinner meeting with my uncle and auut, so we went the red light distric instead.

not much to tell from today actually, which i kinda like. i like having a great time to lay back for a day or two from a full schedulled trip. And to me,Holland is just the perfect place for that.

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Ayu Kurnia said...

you. should. have. this http://www.etsy.com/listing/30161649/the-journey-journal-europe-edition
ah, and it came in 5 series, asia, europe, america, australia, and world edition (no africa, haha)...