#7. London-Glasgow

We had breakfast at the hotel then headed to the nearest post office in Padditngton to send some letters. We packed our bacgs and checked out but apparently we're a bit late for our check-out. Thankfully the staff was nice and kind enough not to be angry with us, and he allowed us to drop our bags until tonight before we're headed to Glasgow.

During the day, we finally did what we planned yesterday: Camden Market. This market is also a rip off! Too many cute things to buy!! And both of us could only afford to buy postcards for our collection. We shared our lunch (bule's portion are just too much for each of us) and sat by the 'river' to absorb the sun. Seriously, we were hopping for a foggy cold london, but what we got was the same exact wheather we have in Indonesia. Because I only brought my boots, I finnaly decided to buy myself a pair of flip flop in h&m.

Next was portobello market. IF ONLY I LIVE IN A COUNTRY THAT SELLS SECOND HAND BOOKS THIS CHEAP! aaaarrgghh my home would be filled with books up to the top! But I cannot buy many books, I only have 50 lt luggage to carry around europe.. :( so I bought 3. We continue our journey to bayswater to cancel our hotel reservation, then mia asked me to take her to london eye:
We hopped on a bus but got the wrong number, and instead of london eye, we found ourselves staring at the tower of london which is great! At 8:30 we headed back to the green man hostel to take our bags, and while waiting for our depparture time to glasgow we just sat aroung the pub to watch live music and absorb the 'pub culture' this country has.

So, bus to glasgow departed at 23.45 and it's quite full. I wasn't sure if I'd have enough good sleep but i'll live. See you tomorrow in scotland!!

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