#5. London

So I took a eurolines bus from NL at 22.30 and. Prepared myself for a long bus ride. Now the things is, you could never guess who's sitting near you,right? So this lady (not ladylike, just lady) sat in front of me. At first she dropped her back rest and asked me if that's okay, since I still have enough space for my feet I said it was okay. And the journey begun. Slowly but surely this lady dropped her back rest even further and further and she the kind of dutch lady that you don't wanna deal with because she looks like your grandma and you just know at some point she doens't have a decent behavior towards other people when it comes to her comfort in sleeping in the public bus. So I suffer that night, but I got by. I slept quite well if I can forget about my feet. Oh, and during that night, don't get me wrong, I don't mind people eating on the bus as long as it's dry food. Well this lady decided to snack. And what her snack was CHEESE. ha! How dutch can you be? I looove dutch, and I loooooove cheese. But really, in a public moving vehicle!?

The fery ride from Callais was great. I went to the upper deck to get some air and it was cold. The kind of cold that I like. I can say that probably on the sea the temprature dropped to 13 degrees or even lower. And right before I ported at the harbour, I saw this mesmerizing view that I tried to capture with my camera but failed. I saw sunrise, on something channel, near dover, England. It's just one of the moment in life I want to preserve.

Anywaysss.. After fery all passeger got back to the bus and drove another 2 hours journey to the city. My 'seat mate' changed from this little girl to this Indian guy. Later when we arrived at Victoria station we chatted and grabbed coffee and ice creams. His name is Arvinth and I was really nice for him to accompany me while I was waiting for Mia. He wasn't in his best condition he said after 4 drags of weed he had the night earlier at Amsterdam, but he managed to show me around (plan one was West minster Abbey, but we got lost so we went to Hyde Park instead). This is one of my favorite things about travelling and connecting with people, you never know what surprises you're gonna get, and whom's gonna be your new friend.

I met Mia in the end, and we decided to go to the nearest spot from the hotel because in an hour we could check in. So we went to baker street. I got my mom some shirts, my dad as well, and i'm planning to send some postcards today. At night we went to oxford street to find my brother's Tottenham shirt with no good result. So we wandered around Regent Street and in the end I bought him the shirt in Picadally. We topped up our Oyster card and headed to Parliement House. We had a little 'picknic' under the London Eye, and after the weather got cold we finally went back to our hotel to sleep.

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