#2. Amsterdam

Thanks to the long taxi in Dubai and Shciphol (the plane always got the furthest runway), my flight was an hour late but i met Oom Oman and Tante Pien in the end. Holland's scenery's still the same, but feels more tense now since i'm wandering around all alone.

after topped up my OV card i went to centrum to buy myself some bus tickets but it closed. i'll try again on Monday. since i had nothing to do (i had an appointment with Oom Oman and Tante Pien at 7 p.m whilts this story took place at around 5 p.m) to waste some time i decided to try to find Anne Frank Museum. I looked at the visitor map provided on the pavement and found the mark and walked.

apparently, the map was upside down so i went to the wrong direction and instead of Anne Frank, i was stranded in the red light district. as i tried to find my way back to centrum, i met this Indonesian guy, named Hamzah. of course i wasn't being friendly as a precaution towards bad people. but he showed me the right way to Anne Frank (i didn't get in, too expensive and don't get me started on how long the queue was) and after that he took me to Mc D for cola and doughnuts. so i think i'll text him before i get back to Indonesia. oh, did i tell you that he is an imigran gelap??--yeah, i attract weird people, as always.

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