#8. Glasgow - Edinburgh

Glasglow's amazing! I mean, I din't expect anything from this city but the city suprised me. We arrived at 7:30 and stored our luggages in the storage provided in the station then headed to centrum. Now we actually feel like we're in Europe the weather's as cold as expected 8 degree, we went to satbucks first to buy me its city demitase (i'm collecting) and also to charge our phones and cameras. After that we went to central sation that looks really awesome. It looked like a little town in the station.

Next we visited a building with design exhibition. I finnaly able to see the real VITRA products by my own etes and touched it! (when you had internship that forced you to get to know this brand very well, it's kinda an eye opening). We also went up to the tower and took some great landscape pictures. Then we went to the GoMA (Glasow museum of Modern Art) and bought a postcard that represent glasgow. Ate lunch at subway and went back to the bus station to go to our next destination: Edinburgh.

Our first reaction when we first saw a castle on our right hand side was: uwoooooowwhhh! Coooooollll! And we didn't care if anyone else in the bus would judge us as lame tourists. This city deserved it. It's very (hhmm how to put it?) it's very Europe. It's better than london (the building). It's cold. As expected so we're both are very happy. You know just judge by the picture that ii'll post later. I like scotland!!!

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