#6. London

We started early today. Mia's still somewhere in between Indonesia's time. First thing we did was buying our tickets to Brussels. The counter located on Victoria couch station, and London traffic reminded me of traffic in my home county. The point is, our plan for today was: Abbey road, camden market, fifteen trattoria by Jamie Oliver london eye-for mia only, and greenwhich. While the fact was: Victoria, stuck in traffic, st. Pancras, fifteen trattoria, king's crossand Hyde park.

Today was actually the day we both realized that we're broke(after eating at fifteen). Bur to me personally it was worth it. I like the atmostphere, I looove the food and the drink was also great. And in addition, there was this cute chubby waitress that suited my eyes.. :D

After fifteen we headed to king's cross because I once read about this platform 9 3/4 somewhere in this station and since i'm a harry potter reader, I assume I have to take a look at this. Now, kins's cross is a huge and busy station, so to act like two stupod people in the middle of the busy lines was not an option, but we're also too embarssed to ask anyone (i mean, come on! How you're gonna ask them: 'sir, could you please tell me where platform 9 3/f is?') diffinetelly not! I would do that if I were 12, not 22. But god always answered our prayer. We decided to just sit around platform 9 and suddenly, a family with four kids carrying london map walked through our direction, and asked the guy in the platform. Later we just followed them (with reasonable distance without making ourselves looked like two crazy stalkers) and we found the platform!!

We ended our days by laying on the park, wathed the London-ers(is that a word?) live their everyday life, then when the temperature started to go down, we decided to go back tp our hotel and sleep.

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