#13. Brussles

we only have 6 hours or less to visit this country, so first thing first, manekin pis. it's a statue of a little boy pissing in the corner of the street, and i personally still wondering why it has became famous.

we walked through The Grande Place (?) took some pictures--the kind every tourist has when they visit Brussels then we went souvenir shopping afterwards. on our way back, we spare sometime to bought ourselves some waffels. i't tasted good but when you had too much of it, it'll be eneg.

around 2 we headed back to our hotel, stopped in front of the metro station to see this comic book store. mia and i bought 1 each as a "souvenir", even if we don't understand French, there'll always be google translate.

as usual, we're almost late for our bus. we had to run through the station to get into the eurolines counter, and luckily, the bus was also 20 minutes late. so we hop on the bus in time to go to Amsterdam.

once i arrived at Den Haag centraal, i had trouble finding a way in, then sudenlly a guy came and offer me a ride to the 'new entrance' turned out he's hired by the mayor to take people from the old entrance to the new one until the restoration in the station done--he said it'll be done in around 2040 (the picture with yellow rickshaw).

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