#3. Zaandam

After breakfast i went for a walk near the house to get some air. anyway there's this cute dog who decided to swim in the 'river'and once she came out of the water she walked right through me and almost splashed me with the water remains in her bosy. a dutch lady joked me but i couldn't get what she was saying until i said "Geen Netherlands spreken, sorry" and she translated her joke to English "you almost get a shower from that dog"

i went to Zaanse Schans for a windmil tour. it's located very near to my uncle's house, but not that close. Tante Pien said it's only 30 minutes walk when it was actually an hour walk (i walked slow because of the heat. yes people, it's spring but it's already 20 degrees) now i'm stretching my feet because i can't feel them. the weather is SUNNY and HOT so i'm a bit disappointed. why? if i want a hot weather all i need to do is go to the airport and head back home.

i spent the rest of the day at home. chatted with Tante Pien in the afternoon. tried some coffee with Oom Oman with different coffee makers (it's really cute how dutch value their coffee that much). to day i also sent 3 postcards to"ahjummas and my mom, i hope it will be delivered.

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