#15. Amsterdam

today we're planning to go to Keukenhof from the morning, but of course, that's only a plan. actually we're ready at around 9 but my Aunt and I were kinda eager to show Mia Zanse Schans (the place i came on my second day) to show her the windmill. this time, we got bike! yeah, my Aunt's bike finally fixed and we could experience how it felt to be the dutch. despite Mia's slender body, she's really heavy! and i couldn't carry someone in a "duduk cantik" cantik position, so i think mia also hurt her butt. i didn't dare to cross the main road without getting off the bike at first, but after gotten myself used to it,the ride back home was far waaayy smoother than the first try.

next was Keukenhof. according to the brochure we have, Keukenhof is a flower exhibition that only happens once a year during the spring. the purpose was to show off the tulips the Dutch are very proud about. to go there we had to go to Schipol first to buy our tickets. Mia took a lot of picture of herself in Schipol, she said 'although i didn't landed here, but it's nice to pretend that i landed here.' well, so be it.

the Keukehof trip took 30 minutes from the airport, and thank god both of us aren't big fans of flowers so 2 hours was enough for half the park. i have to admit though, it WAS beautiful. i was a bit disappointed that no one's taking the lousy pose pictures near the flower fields (you know, the laying down on the grass with flower that just plucked from the tulip field slipped in their ears).

our next stop was Delft. i made an appointment with Ron, my Dutch friend that i met in Indonesia (he did a student exchange program last semester). we got on the wrong train, but it was going in the right direction, but because of that we had to change up to three trains and wasted 20 more minutes to wait for the train that'd take us from Den Haag Centraal to Delft.

Ron picked us up with his funny car. it's Citroen something 1989 and what i remember from the picture he showed me a long time ago, the car supposed to be red, but this time it was yellow and blue. we accompanied him grocery shopping and went back to his place. he's a nice host actually, he cooked(didn't want me to help him because apparently i didn't look like a cooking princess to him) then we ate, his house mate joined us, his name was fabian (if i'm not mistaken) he's a greman guy who stays in Delft for a semester (again, if i'm not mistaken) and i just know that the Dutch eat Fla (the one Indonesian pour on pudding) just like that. just the fla itself.

we called it a day, we thought we're gonna sleep on the couch (it was couch surfing after all) but Ron was too kind and offered us his room while he'd be sleeping somewhere in the house. well, goodnight. i have this lazy mood when i'm in NL, and i don't know why.


walking in tarra's mind said...

I miss delft :(

LITYA said...

tara.. gw ke Delft makin pengen kuliah disanaaaaa...:((

walking in tarra's mind said...

ayoo Lit kuliah disana..
tahun ini gw gagal kuliah disana..tahun depan harus!!