#1. Jakarta-Amsterdam

i keep a personal "diary"during this journey, and write on it everyday. so i'll just re-write what's in there here.

I'm on a plane flying to amsterdam and though i've been there before i feel this one's going to be different. Why? because i'd get to do it with a friend instead of my parents.. :D

i'm scared of course, i'll be out strand in someone else's countries but it's a good scare, the exiting one. i wish a pleasant flight (don't really like ther weather "preassure" above Dubai and i wish a save trip until i get back to my beloved home country, Indonesia.


currently in Dubai transsiting. anyway before i started this journey, i always have to make sure i know the "how-to-get-to" in each and every place and i think this is why some Indonesia tourists get lost every now and then (because they sometimes forget to do that). but that's not the country of destination's fault, it's the tourists'. why? because they can learn about it, the other countries are well equipped with easy public transportations.

can you imagine how hard it is for BULES that come to our country? no metro, no MRT, no railway from and to the airport. just Damri buses, Travels, and Taxi (which fare magically increase compare to the normal services). i think it'll be nice for Jakarta to actually have SOME--at least ONE-- easy access from and to the airport.

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