#11. London

Woke up at 10-ish, made breakfast (CRUMPETS!! oh yeha, english afternoon snack with tea) with butter and poached eeg, it was geeeeeaaat! Dispite the ugly name, crumpets tasted really good. In tried to make myself a coffee but only found a chocolate so be it, but what's written sugar on the can turned out to be salty so I threw my coffee away. After a quick packing, we went out to the city for the last time. This time we're just gonna shop.

1st, HARRODS. Haha. Finally found it. It's huge and expensive from every aspect. The back sound sounded like rich music for english dutches when they're having their afternoon tea, the interior was beyond luxurious, even the carpet was very plushy you could sleep on it, the bathroom's very cool and you got to sample free parfumes inside the toilet, the cashier there called me MADAME instead of miss. It was that expensive we could only afford a bread for lunch. We were hoping for a cheap postcard to collect, but noooooo, the cheapest we could find was these lousy pens and we decided just to ignore it and went out.

2nd, PRIMARK. now we're talking. It's so cheap for good value outfit. If only I went there last year when I got more money. But we managed to shopped some stuff that's we're eager to have but cannot buy in our home country. We shopped till we forgot the time and it's already late from our schedulled plan. We took abus ride home (that was stupid, london traffic didn't match anyone who's in a ruch of deadline). We're almost late for our bus to brussels, but thanks to the last ballance in my Oyster card, we could get on a Tube and made it to the Victoria couch station on time.

So bye bye london, hopely this isn't our last meeting..

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