So today’s different from any other day. Not just an ordinary Friday night, not just a casual dinner we usually have. It’s the time we celebrate the 12 months we have spent together.

I put on a real nice dress that I just bought from a high-end store yesterday, the one my best friend helped me pick up. I borrowed her shoes because I couldn’t afford to buy mine for this special occasion, but that’s okay, all this effort will pay off.  She helped me to put on my make-up because she knows I don’t usually wear them. She told me I never looked prettier or sexier. She wished me good luck and said congratulation once again. I winked and thanked her for all the magic she’s done.

I send you text message saying, “Don’t forget to come by around 8 tonight, it’s special and important. I love you”.

It’s 8 o’clock and you haven’t showed up. I’m starving honestly, but I just drink my water to prevent the hunger, I want tonight to be perfect, I do not want to spoil the special dinner that I had reserved months ago. I remember that day when we were so exited for an anniversary, after you said you love me you decided to surprise me by took me to the very restaurant we went to on our first date, when we first met.

Fifteen minutes has gone by and I haven’t heard from you.

Twenty minutes.

Five minutes later, there’s a knock on my door. I almost jump of excitements I do not think of fire you with question why you’re late, I’m just happy you made it and we can go to our dinner.

I open my door and give you a bright smile. And you stand there in your snickers, your jeans and your favorite flannel. You don’t match my outfit. You don’t have lilies in your hands, you just stand there and stare at me.

You’re confused why I dressed up.

You ask me to hurry up to tell you what’s the matter because you don’t have all night, you have to be in one of your best friend’s bachelor party, and the fact that you just got my text message because you feel asleep the whole day.

I ask you if you remember what day is it. It’s so hard to swallow this lump that’s growing in my throat, as hard as I try not to let my eyes watering from every single word I say.

Your answer answered everything. Today’s just another Friday. This is Friday night, a night when you’re suppose to spend your time at some bar down town watching football with your friends. You ask me what’s the urgency, you also ask whose party I’m about to attend to, and wonder if you can get a ride from me to your own occasion.

I tell you I can give you a ride down town, that’s what I am to you anyway, accommodation. In the car you raised your tone at me when I took a wrong turn and almost cost you 5 minutes late from your party. I keep driving and keep all the pain to myself.

We arrive at your friend’s party, you go out without a thank you, without a goodbye.

I drive off after you slammed the door and say “hey dude! How’re you doing, we’re good tonight? Can’t wait to see that stripper.”

I put my gear in reverse after 200 feet and honk so I get your attention

 I say my goodbye.

You look at me in silence then you ask why.

It’s because you have to ask why.

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