Day 15 - My O.C.D

I don't think I have one actually, but I do like some things to be in the right order (according to me) and those things are:

  1. Before I go to bed, I must shower. well not literally before I go to bed, but if I just come back from outside the house, I must take a shower first before i even sit on my bed.
  2. No outside clothes are allowed on my bed. I was taught by my mother (who's been taught by her mother) that outside clothes are dirty, you never know where you sat all day.
  3. I cannot be late. Seriously. Even as I try so hard to be late, the best record I had was only 15 minutes behind. Believe me, i tried to adapt to Indonesian rubber clock, but somehow I still don't managed to do so. 
  4. I collect series fiction. For aesthetic reason, one series must come from the same publisher, so when i put it in my bookshelves it'll look beautiful. but since Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, I kinda give up on this.  

that's all. thank God, I don't have annoying O.C.D (that annoys me or people around me--unless you are a guess in my room with my "no outside clothes sit on my bed" policy) :D


Jessica said...

I'm with you on no. 1, 2 and 3 so u're still normal

haha.. ternyata lo ngeblog juga ya :p

LITYA said...

hahahaha.. iya jess!! ternyata lo ngeblog juga~~