Day 13 - A Fictional Book

okay, this will be very hard for me, since i read a lot numbers of fictional book--I can say that all my books are fictional though--so, instead of A fictional book, I'm gonna change it into Fictional books. I read a lot of series--addicted to series-thing, and here are some of the that i can remember:

  1. Harry Potter. Duh! i think everybody in my generation who loves to read read this series.
  2. Pricess Diaries. Meg Cabot is one of my Favorite Author
  3. Mediator. Also by Meg Cabot
  4. Bartimeus. Stupid geeny.. love him.
  5. Twilight Saga. how could i missed reading this one. it's so fucking everywhere.
  6. Percy Jackson. I love these series, because greek mythology aren't that much popular before. remember i read it before i knew about its ugly movie.
  7. Keys to the kingdom series. just done reading Mister Monday, going on to Grim Tuesday.
  8. Sabriel. lirael. abhorsen. haven't read these, but i will.
  9. Misterious Benedict Society. I think its kinda long and boring.

well, that's all i can remember (that appear on the nearest bookcase i have)

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