Day 17 — An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.) 

not a real art piece by someone famous. these are my art pieces. the left one is my dream catcher (I just made it yesterday with anything in sight as you can see the charm are actually a friendship bracelet, some hama plastic and a paper clip. I'm gonna make the real one when all "ingredients" are ready). the right one is my 'tree in autumn' sculpture which was an assignment for my paper craft class last semester. And the one bellow is my "painting" that i drew when i had a bad mood because of my internship thing. Yeah, I know, I'm a designer, not an artist (not artsy)  so don't judge my art pieces okay, I just wanna have fun doing things I love and enjoy. :D

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ayu said...

tree in autumn-nya fotogenic!! ahey!!