Day 3 - My favorite TV Show

I watch this series, EVERY MORNING! and now my DVDs are kinda broken and I want to buy the new ones. This series obviously a mood lifter for me. I'm gonna break it down to some of my favorite episodes:

Season 2, Episode 16, The One Where Joey Moves Out
love the scene when Joey got his new apartment with all fugly decoration he bought. 

Season 3, Episode 6, The One With the Flashback
the episode about a flashback they have 3 years ago after being asked a question by Janice.

Season 4, Episode 8, The One With Chander in A Box
thanksgiving episode. I love doctor Timothy Burke--Michael Vartan--in it.

Season 5, Episode 9, The One With Ross's Sadwich
i have nothing else to say, "my sandwich? MY SANDWICH?!!"

Season 5, Episode 11, The One With All the Resolution
Chandler shouldn't make fun of his friends, Rachel should gossip less, Ross suppose to try new things everyday. this is the episode where Ross wore snug leather pants, and Chandler couldn't mock him because of his resolution, and also the part when Rachel figured out about Monica-Chandler but couldn't gossip with Joey.

Season 6, Episode 15-16, The One That Could Have Been Part 1 and 2
these are my favorite episodes of the whole series. i love the opening they did. (the usual opening song but with Rachel being rich, Monica's still fat, Joey's a huge actor, Ross hasn't find out that Carol's a lesbian and Chandler works for Joey) i loooovee these eposodes so much.

Season 8, Episode 6, The One With the Halloween Party
the scene when Chandler (dressed as pink rabbit) and ross (dress as spud-nik but look more like doodie) about to arm-wrestling.
Chandler: You're going down!
Ross: No, You're going down. you're going down town!!
Joey: Seriously guys, the trash talk, it's embarrassing.

Season 9, Episode 3, The One With the Pediatrician
This is the very first appearance of MIKE!! (Paul Rudd)

Season 10, Episode 12, The One With Pheobe Wedding
I just like this episode. everything was so sweet, and Pheobe's 'walking-down-the-aisle' song was my favorite song from The Beatles Here, There, and Everywhere

Season 10, Episode 19 - 20, The Last One Part 1 - 2
the last episode. it made me sad every time i watch it, knowing i have to repeat from the very beggining of this series.

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