so today

I have to look at the web to find sofa leg manufacturers/suppliers (i don't care if that's not the right term for it.) some stuff happened:

  1. i accidentally open a porn site titled "kaki sofa" thank god no one was around. that could be so embarrassing.
  2. i found a lot of real-world quotes that relate a lot to me and people around me (i'll post it all later)
  3. but the most random thing i found today was this guy from NL. i listened to his music and i like it. absolutely the kind of music i love. (check it out yourself)
  4. Even this guy's music still can't stop me from wanting to kill somebody.
  5. I realize i deserve a "prize" after this hard week.
  6. i want to say something more about my work, but it wont be save until i'm done, so, i'll put all work-related-post into drafts for a while

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