okay, WHY?!

I came to the office with a bad mood from the beginning. When I was about to cross the street my mom called, stupid me, I picked it up, and lost my focus on the road, a motor bike almost ran through me. The rider was angry, and I was too, I mean, it was a junction, you should slow down, not speed up.

I arrived at the office and found out my chair was changed. so let me give you a little acknowledgment here, I'm an intern, my table got move from time to time, because I'm an intern and not important. I understand that. But then I got this stupid super uncomfortable office chair (who invented it?! it's stupid!), and I changed it to the Vitra one--of course it's comfortable, it's Vitra guys! come on. then, this morning the ugly chair returned to me!! and the Vitra chair has gone without a trace.
the stupid chair i was talking about

Argh! 10 more weeks. still hanging on a thread here.

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