some of my favorite quotes i got from tumblr:

(I'll update this everytime i find a new interesting one)

You can fake your way through any conversatiton in the same way that any girl can fake an orgasm. random sounds and correct timing (mhm and huh are the new ohh and yeah)

(this is for those people with lack social skills)

Making someone love you is difficult, maybe think about getting a puppy.

(It's easier for anyone of us who has lost faith in love)

Life's a dick. sometimes it gets hard for no reason.

(My personal favorite quote)

Period pains? try getting a boner in jeans.

(Okay, never thought of it that way. fair enough)

It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice!

(That's for you, bitch!)

As bad as losing faith in humanity seems, losing your faith in happy endings is much worse.

(Oh, okay. my bad.)

The world will not end in 2012, and if we're wrong, we'll all be dead anyways and there's nothing you can do about it.

(Yep. so true!)

Don't judge a book by it's movie!

(Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Da Vinci Code.. oh, too much!!)

Live with no guilty pleasures, dance in your underwear, listen to spice girls, and eat ice cream from the tub and be damn proud!

(Maybe not spice girl in my case, but westlife.)

We know your boss is an idiot and your job is meant for mentally challenged twelve year old. either quit or stop complaining.

(Stop complaining. did it.)

You don't need a boyfriend or girlfriend. better to be alone than with a whiney bitch you never wanted to be in the first place.

(oooohhhh... so true! that's why i'm single.. :D)

True friends are like a four leaf clover. difficult to find, lucky to have


Stalking the person you like is not endearing and will not get you laid.

(lesson's learned)

Stop bitching about people pronouncing your name improperly and get a better name.

(So far, Litya has transformed into: Lidya, Nitya, Widia, Pidia, Ditya, an so on. but i love my name, so i'll fuck off)

Stop lying to yourself: you will not stay friends with your ex and you don't even want to anyways.

(This occur to only one ex. hahaha)

A fancy camera does not stop you from doing stupid things like cutting off heads. so no, a nice camera does not make you a photographer.

(To all those people with SLR who bought it only because they can afford it, not because they can use it)

Electricity comes from electron. therefore morality comes from morons.

(Like this!)

Some people are wise, some people are otherwise.

(Way to point it out)

In heaven, all the interesting people are missing.

(Come to think of it, it's true!)

Apparently people don't like it when you only want them for their Gatorade.

(Of food, or time, or help. this is for every licker who suck my ass for their own profits)

you must have money to make money

(Means, you have to be someone's bitch before you can afford you own food)

A friend in need's a friend indeed. a friend with weed is better


We know you had a shitty day, no need to make 20 thousand new posts about it.

(I just made 1 post in facebook and the other one as my status on ym)

You never stop loving someone, you just learn to live without them.


Macs are not the best computers ever, people only buy them because they're cute.

(No offense Bobi, but it's true. i love you still though.)

Don't watch movies that you know will have some sort of nudity in them with you parents/family.

(How would i know it's uncensored?!)

Typin lyke diz dos nt make u kool

(Di5 d03sn't w0rk 3ither. so stop it!)

If your bathroom smells like shit, don't spray air freshener in it. that'll only make it smell like flowers and shit. which is worse.

(HAHAHAHA. my office bathroom. too bad there's no window)

Not everyone looks good with a mustache.

(Some of you guys will only look like cat fish. and it works for goatee too)


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ayu said...

"In heaven, all the interesting people are missing."

haha bener bgt ni lit :-D