I think i'll never be on your side..

it's funny my colleague,
said the same thing about that lady.
he said, "yeah, well, that's her."
i don't need a translation to understand he doesn't like her.

well, as intern, i have to ask a lot of people what to do, who's to call, etc..
and one day, i got an order from her to get myself into one project..
it's a pleasure for me, the fact that she trusted me.

this task was a little bit more complicated than what i usually have,
i asked my colleague advice, also asked her advise..
my colleague said this, and she said that..
then she pointed out some clue for me about her feelings toward my colleague
the fact that she doesn't like him either..

now, i'm not an ass-sucker so i just smiled and think in my head,
"it's not him, it's you!"
no matter what she said, i'm always on the same side as my colleague,
because what he sees, is exactly what i see..

and i believe he's seen it longer that i do..

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