what's wrong with them?

it's no secret i've been longing to live outside this country. not because i loathe it or anything i just need to get out of my comfort zone and try to discover a new place where i can start over fresh. even if i ever get that chance, i promise that i'll be back here. i'll be buried in this land.

i have some friends who are lucky enough to get that chance. it's either they're smart, or their parents live there and half of them didn't want to move out or get out of their comfort zone just because of something they aren't sure will be or will not be their future. (e.g. boy friend, lousy job, marriage that they're not even sure will happen since the spouses haven't pop the question yet). i mean, come on people!! open your eyes. the 'living outside my country' is not binding. it's not forever, you'll be back here. boy friend?? have you heard of long distance relationship? SKYPE?! technology whatsoever. if it doesn't work out then you two aren't meant to be together. get some perspective, please. many people (especially me) want to be in your shoes and you just throw it away.

some of you will say "what do you know Lit? you're single, your life's boring. some people have to maintain a good relationship."

to answer that, YES! i AM single, and my life IS boring. that's true. but when you're single sometimes your eyes are open to any kind of possibilities. you are fierce enough to take risk because you have nothing to lose.

and sometimes, you--all people with chances and spouses--need to listen to these singles. you know they're right when it's about taking chances.

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