It worked

i tried to put myself to sleep early last night, and i tried to avoid swallowing any dimenhydrinate by "hypnosis" myself to think about those beautiful things i remember. something that always brings smile to my face whenever i remember it. there're some stuff really, like high school moments, some even junior high, the early college life of mine that was so full of adventure (for me at least). and up to this moment, this thing's still the best memory:

i remember the first time the Eurolines bus landed on the land of the Great Britain. with a sign on the side of the road written "In U.K, drive on the other side of the road" for those EU residences so they'll ride on the left side (which i think wont be a problem for us Indonesian). about an hour later the bus finally arrived in the London area (i don't know which one exactly) and i still could remember thinking "shit! i'm in London!!"

but nothing beats the feeling when i first crossed a bridge and saw the Parliament House on the opposite direction. i remember how goldy it was struck by the sun rise. i remember my dad beside me said. "There it is!! we're in London." what to call a place before tears when you're overwhelmed? that's what i felt.

i wasn't a fan of England 5 years ago, but 2 years ago, since i had nothing to do and browsed anything about Europe and accidentally browsed about London I had this ambition to go there and witness it for myself.

I t was the most wonderful holiday i had with my family (up until now, at least) and i still smile whenever i remember it. here are some photos that i took.

I know i look fat! but i'm in London, and you're not.. :D

Waxed queen's army.

One of the must in my list of "if i ever go to..." If i ever go to London, i'll take a picture of me in front of one of its famous telephone box. well, i did!

Still completing the list i told earlier.

Mr. Holmes. love you as always. it's an honor to visit your house.

Buckingham Palace. met a cute police officer but i wont post his picture here.

Flying the London Eye. the parliament house that always draws a smile on my face.

First day we arrived. still tired from the bus ride yet we couldn't check into our hotel room because it was still
10 a.m
My favorite character of all time. my favorite book. one of my favorite authors. and here i was. Baker Street 221b, London.


mia said...

Tunggu aja lit... tunggu gua yang punya foto kayak gituuuuuu!!! hahhahahha

LITYA said...

ntar kita mending foto bareng mi.. hahahaha