No inspiration

to post anything.
usually i post about my stories, my life, or my stupidity but lately i feel like i have none of those. everyday, i wake up make my coffee(yes, not yet fasting) then open Bobi up. type in something, feeling low because i cannot find anything relevant for the shitty project. maybe by noon i'll go outside to find some food or burn some ciggs. try not to pissed anyone near me, but i think that doesn't work (i tend to be hyperactive, hyper-everything when I'm under pressure--yet still denying that it's a pressure--and i know i pissed some friends, sorry about that) and that makes me eager to lock myself in my room and be "emo" about it.

another thing, i want to strangle some betina for their high octave and low tolerance. keep it down bitches! you don't live alone in this place and you're not the center of the universe so stop acting like it. oh, and don't forget to clean your shit.


Kurnia said...

coba dipertemukan gw sama si betina "cantik" itu. pgen liat. hahha

LITYA said...

NAJIS!! cantik si santik, kelakuannya minus! mao lo sama betina kaya gitu?!! hahaha