Indonesia's independent day

two of my former office mates came and visited me.

both of them aren't moslem so they did what Jakarta's tourists do whenever they come to Bandung, EAT. And yes, i had to break my commitment from the dawn and decided to come eat with them. (weak faith, i know) long story short, we went to Wale to have some of its famous yamin and on the way there we passed this place called "Warung Kopi" and this place is the point of my story.

i have some emotional connections to that place, honestly. that was the first place i went to together with my fellow TPB SR '06 friends to hang out with. that was also the place when i decided to introduce my first college boy friend to my parents. that is also our favorite spot for 'pacaran'. and that was also the place we went to when we broke up.

it's been a while since i went to Dago Pakar area and it always hit me that way whenever I'm close to that place. although, i really want to have some nice dinners with some of special people in my life. gah! i hate it when my mellow mood strikes!

anyway, thank you Kun and Leon for the visit. i had fun. it's really nice to realize that some office mates can stay connected and hang out for some time. and it's even nicer when i figure out I'm not just some intern that comes and goes.

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