quick morning thought

this internship that I'm having makes me thinking a lot about my future. what will i do as soon as i graduated? this thought became even stronger and scarier after i watch "post grad" a movie with Alexis Bledel in it, I could be her!! i could graduate with good scores and then what? come home to my parents?

my biggest concern is the fact that i have no talent of using any CAD software--which of course i still have time to learn to, and I WILL learn it. next, what if i don't like what I'm doing? don't get me wrong i love product design, i love it so much, but i don't think i'd go for INDUSTRIAL design, you know, i love the kind of cute products, the one that makes me go "wow, why didn't i think about that before? that will makes my life easier" product(check out my design tumblr), not a huge industrial-ist that force me to go down with every millimeter detail.

maybe someone whom i did an interview with was right, I'm more of a craft-product-designer instead of an industrial-designer. someday, i want to be like her(Hella Jongerious).
will there any place to go once i graduated?? i don't know, but i believe if we do something we love, the way will just show up and help us.. although i know, to reach that kind of success i must start to crawl from the very muddy surface, struggling and I'm just gonna assume that my work with industrial design is actually a way to get there.

aaaahhhh... it's 4th day.. i'm having a bad flu and the med I'm taking makes want to crawl back into bed, not to work.. TOT

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