drop. drop. drop.

so, few years ago, a teacher stood in front of the class, knocked her hand to the chalkboard and when everyone became silent she said, "Litya, listen to me. your english is not good." she said it in front of the whole class (by the time she did that, all eyes are on her--because she knocked her hand to the chalkboard--then all eyes turned to me immediately.)
I was so embarrassed, I vowed that I will learn English, and do better.
(my English improved. A LOT!! I mean, I know by this blog you can judge that I have a lot of grammatical mistakes but who cares?! I learned. I still am.

tonight, a good friend of mine told me a story:

(A) : Lit, the guys at Z**** design talked about you.
(L) : About? I'm sure it's a bad thing.
(A) : You have a very bad reputation in their eyes.
(L) : hmm.. probably because the misunderstanding I had with J*** when I asked for internship there.
(A) : well, I don't know about that, but what they said, or what HE said, do you know a guy named B******?? he said you're a disappointment to our alma-mater(?).
(L) : yeah I know him, our lecture did warn me about him. she said we should be careful to what he said, he talks shit all the time.
(A) : well, he hates you. he said "what kind of student who can't render a 3d program" (ga bisa ngerender. malu-malu in almamater aja).

and tonight, I feel like Litya several years ago whose teacher insulted her in front of her whole class again. and I hope, I will be THAT Litya again, and chin up, learn how to fuckin' render a 3d program. and of course, I'll be "watching for 'that guy' (B******). I wanna know his accomplishment that made him so sure he could insulted all of my lectures (and me--haha).

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