all random things happened these last two days.

okay, started two days ago. when i was at the office and felt like i'm being pushed to get in into a time wrap machine, suddenly my friend text me my final score for this semester. and i got to tell you, it's gooooood. hahaha. BUT, even that kind of news wasn't enough to make me feel better. why? because i was told to browse desk modesty (anyone knows what the fuck that is?) and pedestal (yeah, the drawer under your work desk called 'pedestal') and i'm done with it like yesterday so basically, i have nothing to do. it's kinda weird for me, honestly, i'm not a workaholic, but when i'm forced to be in a situation where i have to do something and turn out i have nothing to do but browsing pictures, that's kinda bothers me. i mean, you don't have to go to college to start a good relationship with uncle Google rite?! (and i try not to sound too superior here, but that's true. my skills worth more than just browsing pictures)

oh, and around 4 o'clock my mom called, my aunt from Canada is coming and she talked to me, she asked if i love to read books and she wants to give me some, so i gave the the list of Sabriel, Lyrael, and Abhorsen by Gart Nix that's i've searched everywhere, and she said she'll ask my cousin (who's coming to Indonesia the next day) to find it fore me.. :D

yesterday, My job still not getting better. i had to browse TOILET CUBICLES. yep. don't even get me started. the point is, i'm done by lunch and since i had nothing left to do i took a liberty to work on my 3d skills with Google Sketchup. well, not going well but that's the kind of lesson that i should take--SUPPOSEDLY.
my parents called the other night and asked how's my job going, and i blurted it all out. now here's the thing: i don't wanna be a failure to them, they've done everything in their power to give me nothing but the best that i deserve, and i just can't let them down. NO! i must pay them back, for everything and the only way to do that is by being the best, giving my best to them, but last night, instead of saying 'everything's all right' i told them how incompetence my job was. i'm a bad kid, i'm going to hell for that.

and this morning, as i type these stories here, i open my 'message from God' that i follow in facebook (yep, i know it's creepy but whatever, i need something to get me through the day) and you know what it said?
When you try to value yourself for being the best in something, you are bound to fail. Even Olympic champions are the best only for a few years. You are precious to God not because there is no one better than you, but because you are a unique creation of mind, body and spirit, - there is no one like you, - and that is exactly what makes you so indescribably precious.
so i guess today i'll just take shower, go to work and hope for the best.
oh, and try not to stare at the clock so much, i think that slows the time even more. well, wish me luck, please.

130 days to go.
20 weeks to go.

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