few months ago

me and my asdos friends went karaoke. scream our lungs out. dance stupidly. even planned how a video clip of our own version of "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston and "The Climb" bu Miley Cyrus should be.

I'd give anything just to be able to go to TPB again every Thursday to share my knowledge with those TPBs and do something fun afterward. I used to 'work' from 9 to 5, but i enjoyed every second of it.

I have this thought and plan to continue my study for master degree (only if i could get a scholarship--which is kinda hard to get right now). but let's say that i manage to get great scores and get a scholarship at TU Delft, i want to learn something that my lectures in ITB haven't mastered and maybe try to be a lecture later.

or, maybe if i don't get a scholarship at all, i could try to find a job somewhere(but here.. :D). my first try will be any PRODUCT design studio. just the small ones so that i get to do my job right. or if God still want to play with my fortune then fine, i will try to find a job in an INDUSTRIAL company. I'll work hard enough to collect money to start my own line.

so many alternatives, so few that fits my guts. but i learned from my dad, we don't always get to do what we love, sometimes we had to sacrifice our own ego to be able to provide the needs of the most important thing in the world--our family.

P.S: i post a lot today. these thoughts just came flooded my head.

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