my review (2010)

just like the last time, i will review what happened in this year instead of listing down some resolutions that i know i wont complete. these are the things that i remember or at least stuck slightly in my memories. here goes:

  • spent the new year's eve alone back at home
  • started my internship
  • met Kun, an office mate and a great friend of mine
  • last time i'll ever be able to "enjoy" product design studio

  • still stuck with my internship
  • got the annoying guy worked with my during my internship
  • got a chance to skip work and went to Bandung for 3 days

  • realized that my internship was actually being paid :D
  • lost interest in one friend that was interested in me
  • bought my sewing machine
  • promised a guy to fuck off forever from his life, and decided my last word for him was "enjoy" (seriously, whenever i met him, i wouldn't even try to say a word. since i'm so committed to my promise)
  • Watch a movie with boy at PLAZA BLOK M for the first and hopefully the last time
  • visa application
  • work just as suck as it's always been

  • Got the worst score from my boss--BC for 5 months internship
  • done with the internship, and soooooo happy. i learned a lot from this office, i kinda love it honestly.

  • Holland
  • London
  • Paris
  • my life's at its peak of luck and happiness. thank You, God.

  • same old boring birthday as usual
  • Singapore with boy without our moms
  • Tendy got her bachelor degree at this point (i felt kinda sad at her graduation, the realization of not spending times the way we used to when we were just naive TPBs' kinda sad)

  • starting point of my final assignment
  • it's titled "development of flatpack furniture for small dwelling" (well, somewhere along those line. i just translated it and it sounds weird, but whatever)
  • Got the best counselor--at least according to me
  • Tendy last month in Bandung
  • Met a Dutch guy and made friend with him

  • first preview went very well
  • lebaran holiday was boring as usual
  • i watched "boys before flower" for the first time (as my good friend, Boi would say "welcome to the dark age")

  • Colonized by korean stuff. started off with 비, ended up with 슈퍼 주니어.
  • "pesantren" together with Tendy. we lived under the same roof for 10 days "learning" about this 비 religion together.
  • pasar seni

  • second preview was hell.
  • lost my 'appetite' for my final project
  • down.. down... down...
  • Met a Korean guy at Jakarta

  • started thinking about my health
  • gained my spirit back
  • gained my confidence back
  • get my life back on track

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