for whatever it's worth

two years passed as time flies, her deepest mind secretly has been having this concern that's been dragging her down. it keeps her away and away from the so called happiness everybody promised her to find. for all she knows, she messed up, she's the mistake, she's the bad guy. one afternoon change her perspectives towards her new found fears. it comforts her in some way to know it wasn't her fault at all. it was them, not her. the realization that finally helped her to swallow the lump that's been stuck in her heart and mind. it probably will help her to move on in the end. for what it's worth, it proved her the warmth is still there if only she knows what to seek and what to cherish. One way to point out that two years of her struggle had been pointless, one huge slap-on-the-face just to figure out that she's still welcomed, she's still loved, she's still adorable, and she's worthy.

dear you, thank you. thank you so much, you made my day, my night and my year. :D

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