i'm in a bad mood or just finally being honest to myself.

i cannot accept that fact. i know i shouldn't be one selfish bitch that only thinks for herself but turned out, it bothers me (i'm human after all). i got nothing left to give or to feel, that's true. i can also accept the fact that life goes on in every one's story. our story has ended and it ended very well, we moved on our own ways and managed to catch up with each other every now and then for old time's sake. but since that day, the day that maybe will change the person you'll become for the next decades, i don't think i may count on you anymore. because that'll be rude. that'll be wrong. that'll be inappropriate.

so good friend, to sum up, i think i'll really gonna miss you. because i figure there'll be no more late night call, no more 'phone a friend', no mojito no more..

i'll try to be happy for you. wish me luck too will you?

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