Amazing Adrenalin Rush

So it's been a while since i share anything. i'm busy!! yes, finally i can say that i'm busy and the adjective really reflects on it's literal meaning. these days I've been juggling some stuff:

My Master Thesis
ha! if i could go back to 2011 when the 'Final Project' me was whining about how hard it was to get all the data, i will slap my own head and say "i'ts nothing compare to what you'll be doing in your 2014 Master Thesis"! to get the Theme of your project was easy, the topic was the real challenge. i'm lucky to get two nice counselors and i wont whine about them because they're so awesome, but these awesomeness is exactly what makes their opinion really matters to me. i only want to show them the best, ergo i have to work twice as hard. for my thesis, i have weekly schedule to play with the preschoolers in Temasek International School in Bandung. they're wonderful!

i shared about the "drunken ideas" earlier in this blog and this idea finally became reality. so my friends and i has been working on this project for quite a while now. it took a few months and a bit of little misunderstanding to finally got us here. the seven of us are the founder of ARVKA STUDIO and later this month i will also share not just our workplace that i've linked, but also our playground in a blog form. oh oh, we also have shop! which will be revealed later on.

this is my own studio. the good thing about having friends that has the same drive as you but with different kind of ideas and creativity is this, motivate you to work as hard as they are! i've always been scared to start this Sihobit because i don't have enough confident and drive to get me out of my comfort zone. but time is running out and i don't want to be a sloth anymore. so i started experimenting, meet a lot of 'tukang' to help me produce the first series of Sihobit products.

Assistant Lecturing
this doesn't take much time, buuuutttt i got a schedule on Friday morning, which is hell! i spent all my college year to change classes that took place on Friday, and here i am now assisting on Friday. this affect me on my 'going home ' time. i refused to come back to Jakarta if i only have 2 days to spent at home, because it's a waste of the transport money and a waste of my time (traffic on Friday is always unbelievable).

well, those things above creates this adrenalin rush  for me and i'm so exited and scared at the same time. this time i'm not taking a baby step anymore, it has to be a big steady step. these what make life so exiting, isn't it?

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