first bazaar

Arvka had our first bazaar ever. it located in the new cafe called Wijde Blik in Jl. Dayang Sumbi. honestly, i learned a lot from this event and of the most important lesson is not to do anything by the deadline! wow, i can't describe how chaotic it was the night before. we all gathered and help each other to complete the logo banner, the shopping bag, the decoration, and the one thing that was put behind to the last minute--the sleepy zoo pillow.

the bazaar wasn't so crowded (i'm being polite here, truth is, i think 90% of the people that are here are just the crew that made the bazaar happen) but we managed to sold view things and apparently Deddy Mizwar, the vice governor of West Java came to initiate the event, therefore he shopped too. 

by the end of the night, we're all tired and bored but we got a little surprise, we won the best booth for the bazaar!! we also got a "gift" that we later use in L'atopiano. 

Me decorating what the guys already set up before

my sleepy zoo pillow. it's for sale, by the way (contact me if interested)

with the vice governor of West Java that shopped in out booth

ARVKA full team!!

we got a trophy for winning the best booth 

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