don't! just don't.

when your best friend has some troubles with their life, you have two polite options:
listen or make he/she feels better by telling a related bad story you have or others that you've heard that is similar. don't counter their misery by telling your success story bragging that you've never encountered such problem (or ANY problem at all) because your life always going smoothly according to your plan. who are you kidding? everybody got their problem, it's too cliche to say "all is well" every time.

i admit i'm jealous. i'm in a phase where the only words to describe is "let's just do this and see how it turns out" while my best friend seemed to always had it figured out. i know he has his own problems too, and (sue me) if i'd feel better if he share it with me, instead of showing his superman ego and always said "my life is wonderful, as always." i don't know if my selfishness has gone up too high or i'm just a normal human being that's too honest. truth is, i'm too gondok to see him right now, and not sure if i can fake a smile if i see him these days.

i talked about it to Ayu and she got a right phrase to describe it: don't sprinkle salt over my wounds


Ayu Kurnia said...

hahahaha, "jangan garami luka gueee.." jadi elit ya bok kedengerannya kalo bhs inggris..

Mia said...

siapa siapa siapaa