after effect of being half-drunk

we had a night out last week but apparently not with a lot of money to spent on the alcohol. so we each drew 100.000 IDR (about 10 USD) and bought whatever drinks we could get. my friends are hardcore drinker--we all are--and that much money weren't enough to get us to the level we "wanted".

as usual, every time we drink we would talk about life, love life and anything revolve around it. but this time we talk about future, job consequences, how the real world is really just waiting around the corner to grab us by the throat. 

we went home feeling half-drunk, and slept.

now the consequences after that night, we each woke up the next morning felt like shit. no, not that we had  hangover, but felt like shit about our life. we didn't spent the next day together but apparently each of us had the same facial expression--empty. 

the good part was, that feeling drove us into some kind of the motivation we needed for a kick-start in our lives. and we discussed it sober last night. 

and we shall see where this would take the six of us. 

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