(another 30 days) day 9

my dad was too exited that we're staying in a backpacker hostel (the one Mia and I used when we were in Barcelona) and the bunk bed reminded him of the time when he was in Pilot Academy. yes, he had all the euphoria, the only thing he didn't do was to try to sleep on the upper bed. 

Placa Espana.

i remembered that i said to  my parents "we're going up on the hill, it's high but you got escalator" and they said "we must go there of course, it's not everyday we're in Barcelona." so we did. you guessed the rest of the story, the whining started all kinds of "it's too high" "are we there yet" "can we rest for a while" "we're too old for this" "you said there'll be escalators" "can we just go back to the city and shop instead" but they shut up as soon as the saw the view. 

 just for the sake of spain flag. one of my travel collection. 

we had late lunch in Las Rambla, the famous street in Barcelona. had paellas and i ordered Sangria that came in an aquarium size glass. only drank 3/4 of it because i don't wanna get drunk and pee all the way home. 

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