(another 30 days) day 10

we almost missed the Plane. not bevcause we're late, but because of the stupid arrangement by ryan air. we arrived two hours before boarding (standart procedure), and when we got into the table, the lady said "you must get your visa approved in that booth" and the booth was full!! i mean, Ryanair has a lot of flight that day, and every one who wants to fly outside Spain by Ryanair must get thei visa approved in that booth. ONE BOOTH. for all flights. to make matters worse, there's this American Tourist that complained in that booth. and too him 45 minutes just to accept his complains denied. all other pessenger tried so hard to squeeze in their visa. we got our visa stampped 15 minutes before boarding. we ran to the table again to get a boarding pass and the lady said our luggage cannot go in, "you must take it upstairs with you and pay 50 Euro for each". FUCKER!

we ran upstairs to the x-ray, and guess what, we couldn't bring any liquid more than 100ml (yes i know that's regular procedure, originally those luggage supposed to be in the plane's baggage so it won't matter.) we must open our luggage, throw away all the liquids (soaps, etc) we didn't care about those at the time, we only want to catch the plane, otherwise we must wait a whole day and buy new tickets for tomorrow.

we got to the gate in time. got seat on the very back of the plane, even my father said "this is the first time i ride in my own plane (he's piloting a 737-800 NG also) and sit on the back. too much turbulence here."

anyways, we arrived in Rome. too tired even to find our hotel we had to walked couples of kilometers. when we arrived we just wanted to get a shower (we did all those chaotic stressing running under 40 degrees celsius weather). my dad got out to find some pizza and pasta and that's the rest of the story for today.

today sucks. bu we managed to get out of Spain just in the nick of time.

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