(another 30 days) day 11

Vatican is a must.

See how bright the sky is? it's very hot, even hotter than my hot city, Jakarta. thing is, you must wear outfit the don't reveal your body too much, otherwise the security will kick you out of Vatican. so i must wear my Jeans, dammit.

 A random Piazza that we found on the way to find Piazza Navona

 Piazza Navona. 

 Trevi fountain. last year i threw a 1000 Rupiah into the fountain, Mia threw 500 Rupiah. i'm back in a year, so maybe she'll be back there in two years. i also threw Bona's coin here, in the hope she'll soon enough will be able to travel.

waiting for the bus that rarely comes. seriously, i always find Italy and Indonesia are the same. especially the people. they're not punctual, they'll be nice for you if you tip them, they'll look at you with 'a look' if you just looking in their stores without buying, they'll follow you around the store too if their items are expensive, and once you buy something from them, suddenly they became friendly. familiar?

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