Tuhan Suka Bercanda #5

He answers all of our prayers:

1. Language Guide.
Ayu said that she found hers in Gramedia and she said there're lot of it left! then i look for it there, and couldn't find any. after that i cursed to myself: "ayu pembohong!! mana!! ga ada sama sekali!" and then BAM!!

i got the much better version of it.

2. Loin Cloth
we went to Museum Gadjah, while we strolled around inside the creepy museum we stopped in front of a display of coin making tools and the ancient money. one of the "money" from Sulawesi displayed there was this 8cm x 15cm piece of cloth.

ayu : is that also the money in the ancient times? what can you do with that piece of cloth anyway? it's too small.
litya : maybe they used that "money" to cover their loins.

a while later. we got the real display of the thing that the elder used as the loin cloth, and it wasn't the money, it's a bit bigger and it has some strings on it (think G-strings then simplify it. you got the idea.)

3. Monas = Pisa
after Museum Gadjah we decided to go to Monumen Nasional that located just around the corner. now for you who's never been there i'll give some explanation of how far we have to walk to get inside. it's almost 500 m (i'm not exaggerating) and in that long and winding road towards the monument itself usually people take pictures (just like when you're in Eiffel tower or so). anyway, when i looked to my left i saw this little girl did the typical kind of pictures where she would put her finger at the very top of the monuments.

litya: no, you do that to eiffel, not monas.
Ayu: pisa tower maybe?
litya: no, with pisa tower you do this (i showed her the gesture of pushing the tower--the one that EVERYBODY does when they're taking pictures in front of pisa tower)

just like that, some guy beside me did that. how to put it in the correct grammar? let me try: "while i was saying those stupid things, the guy on my right did the exact thing i said" there it is. and i was pretty embarrassed about it, thank God he didn't make any eye-contact with me.

4. Anneyongseyo!
turned out Monas was closed because we got there 30 minutes late. we were disappointed with that fact and finally decided to go to GI to get some cold-sweet dessert. on our way out (the 500m long and winding road) we're chatting about how it would be great if we suddenly meet 5 korean guys (read: suju) and we can take the whenever we want because they have nooo idea about anything in this city. we were also chatting about how ayu will immediately ask siwon to marry her* (since siwon's a gentleman and he cannot say no and wont be able to bear the thoughts of letting a woman's feeling down) and while we were thinking about what's the hanggul for 'will you marry me' we stepped out of the gates and suddenly:

stanger : Anneyongseyo.
us : ???? (i'm pretty sure the three of us think the same: what the fuck?! are we in some kind of weird indonesian show?)
stanger : hallo, are you from here?
litya : (try to get rid the thoughts earlier) yes.
boy : (whispered to ayu) shit. our prayer got answered.
stranger : do you know where Plaza Indonesia is?

the rest of the story was we took him to Plaza Indonesia since we were going the same way anyway. i have to admit that Korean english are--sorry--quite bad. but we managed to chat anyway. his name is HanBo, he's in Jakarta for 4 days only.

my point is, out of all tourists that scatter in jakarta--and usually Japanese tourists are the most Asian seen in this country--we got the Korean! right after we were talking about 'the accidental meeting with 5 '"korean guys" will be fun'

5. Will you marry me?
on point 4, i said about ayu that wondered what's the haggul for "will you marry me" and we were planning on seaching in google translate once we got to boy's house.

but nooo..

ayu bought this self-help book in learning Korean. out of all the lesson of "hello" "good morning" "good afternoon" and all the greetings, one weird question popped out. yes, it was "will you marry me?"
now ayu knew exactly what to ask when she meet Siwon: 저와 결혼할 것이다 (Jeorang Gyeoronhae Juseyo)

6. out of all conversation
and in the exact same book, i found a conversation on how AYU and SIWON actually met each other. yes, out of all names, AYU and SIWON arranged together in the same conversation.
we know AYU is a common name in Indonesia, and maybe SIWON also a common name in Korea, but the two common names being put together? now that's weird.

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