count down: 8 weeks

until i become one free being who can do anything i want (read: endless holiday until further notice)..
i made a weekly schedule on my wall in order to remind me that the finish line can be counted by my fingers. i got a lot of help lately since i got amazing friends and one amazing counselor. not to forget the "revelation" from "god" in the entertainment department.

now it's time for me to put my game face on and i hope you all will wish me luck, and keep suporting me until i pass the finish line.. there will be "makan-makan" for Boi, Ayu, Babar, Panjang (if he's back from Bali) and Kun in the end if i got a perfect score in this endless-annoying-yet-addictive-game. i promise. i cannot do any of these without them.

my new "to do" calendar

a little "help" from Ayu.. she was hoping these could pump-up my spirits. yeah rite! thanks anyway chinca~~

my counceling book. full of annoying craps.

my desktop. and on going application (video) judge all you want. i don't care. it makes me happy, that's what important.

so... wish me luck.
사 랑 해 요~~


Ayu Kurnia said...

HEH itu di bawah tengah abu2 muda sok2 pake huruf kecil!!!!!!


LITYA said...

sirik aja lo komputer lo ga ada keyboard hanggul.. hahaha

eh yu, donlot aja.. kan suka ada tuh keyboard "extension" syapa tau bisa..

Ayu Kurnia said...

iya... ntar ah browsing2... eh gue udh dpt komputer lho di kantor *akhirnya*.. :))