sorry that

i loved you out of responsibility only. but you really get into my nerves. they don’t deserve ANYTHING you did to them. she deserves to get the best out of you, you disrespectful bastard! i knew that i’ve never shared my time to get to know you, but come on, who the fuck are you?! even the realization of the fact we share the same DNA makes me sick.
i used to envy you, i used to compare myself to you. how you used to be the golden and i’m the rubbish who can only ‘draw’. i used to hate all those thropies you brought home, i used to hate all those stories of how great you were as a kid, but i loved you then.
i hate you. there i said it. and i don’t say it a lot.
i just want to punch you to the wall or any kind of hard object in the hope of cracking your head so that i can see what’s inside of it! to see the main cause that turned you into this fucking-immature-unstable-pervert-disrespectful-unthankful-impolite-bastard.

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geduld mijn liefde