Yes, of course Mother.

you can use my room.
you also can expand your bookshelves here
why? because i don't live here.
of course, you need more space for his smart books.

of course you may be proud,
he's got all the tittles and glories.

of course you can judge,
what am i doing anyway?
I'm just someone who wants to be a designer.
drawing is all i do. it's a piece of cake.

and yes, Mother.
if i failed to give you two front seats on my graduation
that will be my biggest failure,
because it's so damn easy to get straight As.

But please, Mother.
open your eyes, I'm not him,
not the golden boy.


mia said...

eh, lebih pathetic gua kali lit, kamar gua dijadiin kamar penganten ade gua..

LITYA said...


iya si mi.. itu ga ada yang ngalahin.. :E

mia said...

hahhaaha syit.