one of my biggest regret.

on a short ferry ride from Calais to London.
McAvoy guy with green eyes, and his ipod and such sincere smile.
it doesn't happen everyday in my life when a cute guy smiled at me,
so yeah, I'm curious to find out his name

if only my mind would connect faster to send "smiling neuron" to my brain.
(and no, I'm not a stalker, just a curious girl.)

*he rides a forest green Peugeot 206,
with a sticker said "I brake for kobolds"
plate number X-JP-563 [B]
I thought he's france,
but after i wiki Kobolds and the plate number
i think he's a Germany who came from Berlin


ayu said...

hahahaha... post di blog/tumblr, dan suruh org nerusin lit, suruh nge reblog sampe ketemu beneran, gue bantuin mao? suruh boy juga, dan coba minta tolong rega, tumblr dia followernya banyaaaaaak

LITYA said...

sounds fun!! and yeah, i'm interested!!

Anonymous said...

aku reblog loh :D