white thoughts

so, tonight i look over my left-behind tumblr. and i found 2 writings from one of my favorite blogger. she always has a nice way to express her feelings, and also i really like the way she puts the words together, make it looks so rich and tasteful somehow. (gaah!! i mix my words in some weird orders. i'll look after it once i'm in a fresh condition).
anyway, she put it just right to express how i feel about movies with happy endings.

if i allow to add my own words to that matter, it will be:
the only reason i cannot get enough of love stories, it's because they help me to feel something that is impossible to happen in real life. i always end up smiling in the end of each movies, but once the credits' out, i will feel this weird empty feeling. a feeling of harsh reality that those beautiful scene can only happen in movies. and that's why it's addictive for me.

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