funny how things change. i just got a new word to express this: pendulum! yes, things are moving to a whole different direction now. just one thought that's been lingering in my head for a while, and i think it's best for my own sake to let it out. some people just need to take care of themselves. seriously. and nobody, NOBODY, should dictate how someone's future should be and how bad if that someone couldn't reach it.

because admit it, no one really knows what's going on in everybody's mind. we don't know the struggle , the fights, the breakdown they have. to wake up one day just to be reminded of their failure they had tried to move on from was just pure evil.

i believe i did judge people. i learn to do less of those and listen more. the more i listen, the more i get embarrassed of myself for judging others. lesson learned. now it's your turn to learn.

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